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Slot Tournament Online Casino Tips

Play slot tournaments ?
Browse through slot game tournament online casino tips to help increase your casino bankroll and tournament position.
Increasing your slot tournament position can be done as easily as spinning the reels - All it takes is a few min to browse through our slot tournament game tips and your chance to top the leaderboard can increase significantly.

Slot Tournament Tips And Strategies

Online slot tournaments are a great way to increase your casino bankroll with little or no risk.
Here we offer a few slot tournament tips and strategies to improve your slot tournament experience.
Slot tournaments differ from casino to casino but, there is always a freeroll slot tournament in progress or about to begin. To see when and where the next tournament starts See - Live Tournament Updates.

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First Step : How to play online slot tournaments :

Choose Your Casino And Software
Virtually all casino software providers offer slot tournaments.
You can play various software tournaments such as RTG Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Top Game and more.
All slot tournament casinos also play tournament slot games with cash pool prizes, in some cases luxury merchandise ,
vacation trips even cars are offered as prizes.

How to Play
Download the slot tournament casino software of your choice - register and go to the casino lobby.
Click on the tournaments section  -  In some cases you will be asked to register a "Nickname" .
Your nickname will represent you on the slot tournament leaderboard.

Click on the Tournaments tab
Choose your tournament. (Scheduled or Sit and Go) or Freeroll)
In most online multiplayer slot tournaments, freeroll / buy in slot tournament players have a specific amount of time to play as many
credits as they can and win as much as possible. The player with the most credits at the end of the time window wins either
a cash prize or entry to a larger multiplayer slot tournament.

Qualifiers or tournaments where you win entry into a special event is a good thing.
These tournaments often cost $10 - $20 for a single entry. With freeroll Qualifiers you can win your entry free !

Add Ons or Re Buys
Check the rules in the casino lobby to see whether or not the tournament has add-ons or re-buys available.
If they do then you can carry on playing after the time has expired or when you have run out of coins to give yourself a better
chance of getting to top position. Be Careful - Some tournaments offer up to 999 re buys at $1 a rebuy.
I have often played a tournament where I was securely in a position for a prize - Until I was booted from a position because someone had re bought their way back in and forced my position down to a non winning one.
I then spent $22 re buying to save my position and played a game of position tag with this person for hours and NOT placing.
The Lesson I Learned - ONLY rebuy if you truly believe you can secure a winning position !

Much like the pay structure of a poker tournament, guaranteed prizes are given to the top finishers in the slot tournament.

Multiplayer Casino Slot Tournament Types
Online casinos have 3 types of slot tournaments available, Freeroll No Risk Tournaments,Scheduled Slot tournaments
and Sit n Go Slot tournaments.

Multiplayer Casino Prize Pools
Prize pools are often as massive as $20,000 up to $100,000 with entry as small as $2
You can often win an entry into these Monthly Special Events with a Qualifier Tournament.
Imagine winning $100,000 without even spending ONE cent !

The Freeroll Slot tournaments offer cash winnings as well as entry to bigger tournaments
You can use this cash to gain entry into other tournaments with as as little as $2 with prize pools that reach a staggering
$1000,000 and individual winnings topping $75,000.

Slot Tournament Strategies

Speed - Quick is the Key to top placement in ANY tournament
Be Ready. - Make sure you have everything in place ..BEFORE you begin play.
Concentration - Pay attention to every spin. Looking away for just a few seconds could cost you precious time that
can't be recovered. Boredom is a slot tournament killer so keep your concentration.
Undisturbed Time  - Make sure the kids - husband/wife - relatives - nosey neighbors and pets are dealt with.
The last thing you need to hear in mid tournament play is "Whats For Dinner"

These are the most important three requirements for top placement in online slot tournaments.

With a freeroll slot tournament you must play all your credits within a certain time frame and you must be quick enough to use all
your credits for maximum tournament placement. Each winning spin will increase your total score and placement.
Any unused credits are removed - So be sure you are ready, have a fast computer and the "Undisturbed Time" to play. 

Increasing speed can be achieved by keeping your clicking finger on the spin button and lightly tapping.
Even saving a few seconds with this method can make or break a slot tournament.

Usually it takes a few seconds after a win for your credits to tally, in most cases clicking on the screen will add up credits
faster and save a few precious seconds.  Be prepared to spin again quickly.

Bonus Rounds also take up time so make your picks fast .
Play may be slow at times but, bonus rounds can creep up fast and frequently.

Ready To Play Slot Tournaments?

See - Live Tournament Updates For When A Slot Tournament Is Starting
View All  Online Slot Tournament Casinos

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